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Egyptology – What is it?

This is a website ideal for students and teachers who wish to do an online activity on the subject of Ancient Egypt. The information is short but ampel links are provided to further research a particular topic mentioned.

What is Egyptology?

This word comes from Egypt and it means the study of Ancient Egyptian history including the language, the literature, religion art and way of living. Those who study Egyptology are referred to as Egyptologists. While in Europe Egyptology is considered a subject on it's own and can also be studied at University level, in America it is considered as a branch of Archaeology. Jean François Champollion and Ippolito Rosellini were some of the first Egyptologists of wide acclaim in modern times. Egypt was always a fascinating land, especially to the Europeans and one of the earliest ruler to encourage the study of Egyptology was in fact Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte!

Egyptology for Form 1 Students

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